Dang...I wish I knew that years ago...
— Everyone ever

CHICKS Conference was founded on this simple premise. Approaching our last semester of college, we (Tati, Liana & Venisha) looked back to realize that there is a lot that we wish we'd known about our careers a few years prior. College coursework provides you with an overview of professional development; you learn basic leadership skills and how to proofread your work. But our professors never taught us how to get the most out of LinkedIn networks, or how to craft the perfect follow-up email...

We decided that there are a lot of tricks of the trade that we and our peers have been missing out on-- tricks that truly get you the job. Above all, we wanted to lift up our sisters. Women are 57% of college graduates, but...

  • Only 21 of the Fortune 500 CEOs are women
  • Women hold 14% of executive officer positions
  • Women hold 16% of board seats
  • Congress is 18% female

After digesting these staggering statistics, there was but only one solution: spread the gospel of professional development & women empowerment to our community. 


When baby chickens are feeding, they let out a loud chirping noise to alert their siblings that they have found food. This adorable imagery is a metaphor for the mission of CHICKS. Through the voices of our accomplished speakers, we are sharing career-nourishing knowledge with our fellow sisters in the community. Come and eat!