"Career is like a bad boyfriend..."

A great line, among many, in this video says, "I don't know man, it's a long life...". In college, there is so much pressure to decide your entire career path at the age of 21 or 22. Society backs us to a wall and demands that we blueprint our entire life on the cuffs of just completing puberty. I love Amy's video because she admits that she loved being a waitress, and for a while, she didn't see another path for herself. This is encouragement for all of us out there who aren't 100% sure about what we want. Don't let anyone make you feel bad about it! 

Developing your career is a series of building blocks. Take small steps in the direction of your passions. Like Amy says, do "what makes you feel like a beautiful woman is hugging you to her bosom." Listen closely to yourself to reflect on the things that get you excited (and the things that bore you). Find a way to pursue what you love, no matter what it is, and incorporate that into what you do for a living. A career doesn't have to be a perfect ladder to the top; it's okay to zig zag a little.

If you start to panic that you're falling behind, just have peace in knowing that "it's a long life." Enjoy the ride.