Post-CHICKS Euphoria

So you attended CHICKS2015? Did you like it? Did you love it? Somewhere in between? I’ll tell you as one of the conference staff members seeing months of preparation come together in this one fantastic day of learning, empowerment, and leadership. What I witnessed on April 25th was invaluable, what I participated in was invaluable.

The sessions, the speakers, everything was amazing! Not only was it available for one day, but the lovely ladies on the CHICKS Conference team will upload notes from all the sessions to the CHICKS Conference website. That way you can go back and remember what was said in Ms. Hanna DeBruhl’s interview skills workshop, or if you were in that session but missed Venisha’s session on “What’s the next step for CHICKS?” then it is at your fingertips. Every single session, available, for free. Again, invaluable.

I’m calling this feeling of, as Tati would put it, "career Juice" the “Post-CHICKS Euphoria”. That feeling you have because you have learned so much in that day that you can go out and conquer the world. That you can write that resume, completed that LinkedIn, ace that interview get that internship, and even better join the CHICKS2016 team to ignite the change you wish to see in the world!

See you next year lovely chicks!

- Katurah