Treat Yo' Self

Seriously, treat yourself. Not only to the career you desire and deserve, but also treat your body.

“Because your amazing body is the only body you will ever have. The same body you’ve had since you were a baby is the body you will inhabit when you are 75 years old” - Cameron Diaz, The Body Book

And it's true. Being conscious of the health decisions you make now impact how you live your life. It's not about a healthy “diet”, a 7-day cleanse or even a year of eating healthy and working out. The goal is forever. Always take care of your body. Always.

A year ago if you took me to a restaurant and asked me to order whatever I wanted, chances are I’d pick the big juicy burger, fries and a Coke. Now, it’s my favorite baby spinach strawberry salad paired with fresh shrimp or grilled chicken. On average, I was eating fast food about 4-5 times a week. And my body was seriously paying for it. I was always tired and my trips to the gym started and ended with me walking on a treadmill.

Since making the commitment to change my lifestyle, my body has done a 180. I also committed to only using 100 percent organic cosmetic products. In Europe, there are roughly 1,100 chemicals that are banned in food and cosmetics. In America, the FDA has only banned 10-- Yes. Ten. Just imagine every time you rub on lotion or swipe on your mascara that you're literally putting harmful chemicals into your body. Because we have such amazing capabilities as humans, naturally we can fight off and dispose just about anything...but that doesn’t mean we should.

Fall in love with taking care of your body and taking charge of your health. Just like building a resume or climbing to the top of your career, it’s a slow and steady race. Start small and I promise you the benefits will be as rewarding as landing your first big girl job. Not only will you feel and look amazing, but your mind, yes that giant muscle on top of your head that allows you to think, speak, walk, write and run, will be in its prime. As Malcom Gladwell explains in an interview with Anderson Cooper, it takes 10,000 hours to work at something until you reach mastery. Empower yourself to be the best person you can starting with a healthy lifestyle...and treat yo' self every day of the year!