Guys can be CHICKS too- Hunter Harley

What do you know about CHICKS conference?

CHICKS is a leadership conference for women empowering them to not only be proud of who they are, but also to work together to build a stronger community. The event brings in local leaders to discuss how their journeys in life led them to where they are now. I am friends with many CHICKS team members, and I am so proud of the amazing work they have already done and have yet to do.

How do you support CHICKS on our campus? 

I support CHICKS on campus by working with many contributors in and outside of student organizations. I have also offered assistance to the CHICKS team with event planning, if needed. I am very excited to attend CHICKS this year as well show that everyone should support one another regardless of gender.

Are you involved on campus? What organizations?

I currently serve as Student Government Director of Operations. In this role, I serve as the logistical person for all divisions when needing assistance with special events, on campus partnerships, and bringing an idea to fruition. I also work at the Darla Moore School of Business as a student ambassador. I frequently welcome visitors to the building by working events and providing tours to prospective students.

How do you want to help CHICKS grow in the coming years?

Over the next few years, I hope to work with CHICKS to expand outreach to all audiences including high school students in the Columbia area. This would provide those students with a great experience and the opportunity to meet a potential mentor before they head off to college or enter a career.