A Four Letter Word

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With Valentine’s Day’s imminent approach, love has bubbled to the forefront of our society’s collective conscious. We are, once again, inundated with commercials that tell us that this product is the perfect expression of love. Nearly every article on our newsfeed addresses the subject from planning the perfect “Galentine’s Day” to finding the perfect outfit to entice your significant other. What our society does not really address is the importance of bringing love to yourself and your endeavors each day. In order to be successful in class, at work and in relationships, we need to find ways to bring the love.

                  What does that mean, you ask? Love has infinite meanings and profound effects, both personally and professionally. What I am hinting at is not really the idea of love but instead the ways in which you can exhibit loving behavior. Here I am going to lay out the qualities I associate with loving behavior that can apply to all spheres of life.

                  L-  Let go. The first step in loving yourself and bringing the love to your professional life is letting go. Just as you shouldn’t bring the regrets of the past into your new relationship, you shouldn’t bring previous anxieties or perceived failures to your new project. Mistakes are learning experiences. Learn to take a deep breath and start fresh.

                  O- Own your actions. Taking responsibility for your life and the impact you have on others is crucial. Professionally, you should always hold yourself accountable and be mindful that your actions also reflect on your organization. If you do something fantastic, take credit. If you made a mistake, learn from it. This is easily transferrable to relationships where, as we all know, actions speak louder than words.

                  V- Voice your opinions. Communication, as they say, is key. In order to have a functioning organization or a functioning relationship, you need to be able to express your opinions. From praise to constructive criticism, differing voices are necessary to build constructive dialogue.

                  E- Enjoy. The word itself is one of my favorites. Its etymology implies placing yourself into joy. In the way that you would enjoy spending time with a person you love, you should enjoy the work you do.  Find a cause or pursuit that places you into joy each day.

                  The concept I want to leave you with is that taking care of yourself and minding your own headspace is integral to all facets of life. Professionally and personally, you should bring the love in every way you can. If you bring love to what you do, others will reciprocate it, and the world will be better for it.